Fangoria: George A. Romero-starring “ZOMBIE SQUASH” Game Gets Metal Soundtrack


Here’s an oddball diversion as you slink into the Halloween season. Sumthing Else Music Works, the indie label dedicated to licensing and distributing video game soundtracks is about to unleash the ZOMBIE SQUASH Original Soundtrack featuring the heavy metal instrumental score from ACW Games’ tongue-in-cheek mobile game for iOS and Android.

The original soundtrack is written, performed and produced by heavy metal musician and producer Roy Z (Tribe of Gypsies, Judas Priest), and features the voice of FANGORIA legend George A. Romero. Metal, undead gourds and the godfather of ghouls? Not something you see every day…

ZOMBIE SQUASH is set in a world where plants and vegetables like turban squash and pumpkins turn into zombie squash spawned from the evil experiments of Dr. B. E. Vil (voiced by Romero), owner of a controversial bio-chemical, genetics company Monsterno Corporation.