George A. Romero, the Godfather of All Zombies, is the voice for the villain Dr. B. E. Vil in Zombie SquashTM. Since his ground-breaking, trendsetting masterpiece, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ George Romero’s name has become synonymous with zombies. This time around, Romero created a new cartoon-style voice in Zombie SquashTM as an evil scientist.

Zombie SquashTM is a world where vegetation has gone wild from evil experiments gone wrong.  Zombie SquashTM is a tower defense style game where the Player is a rabbit named Jack Stompingtail who fires carrots, zucchini and other garden ammo at Dr. B. E. Vil’s horde of gorde onslaught. The player has to try and stop the Zombie SquashTM from taking over the world.

Zombie SquashTM is the registered trademark of Attila’s Creative Works LLC.  ACW Games, a division of Attila’s Creative Works LLC.

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