About Attila Juhasz and Attila’s Creative Works LLC & ACW Games

Attila Juhasz formed Attila’s Creative Works LLC in Phoenix, AZ in 2005.  ACW Games is a division of Attila’s Creative Works LLC.  ACW offers creative services including web design, graphics, app development, editing and DVD authoring.  ACW owns and operates a network of websites including the popular web site HorrorMoviesBlog.com.  Juhasz is celebrating his 20th anniversary in online creations building his first dial-up bulletin-board system (BBS) in 1992.  He was the publisher of the rock magazine, New York Onslaught and has written for genre magazines Fangoria and Sci-Fi.  In 1995, he created what may be considered the first commercial genre website, HorrorMovies.com, which he sold to publicly traded Unapix Entertainment Inc. who hired him as their Director of Internet Marketing as reported in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety. Whille at Unapix, Juhasz continued being a web pioneer producing the first global Internet Seance online Halloween 2000.  He has built over 100 websites for clients like Lifetime Television, Newman’s Own, Kraft, DuPont and many others. In 2003 he created the DEP (Digital Entertainment Package), the first of its kind application that included Music, Liner Notes, Photos, Wallpaper, and a Screensaver.  ACW has released Apps for iPhones and Android phones including “The Logical Meaning of God” eBook, “Panda Drop” game, and “HorrorMoviesBlog.com Movie Streaming App.”

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